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Aintree Grand National Ladies Day, Runners and Riders

Good news for race goers that, unike Royal Ascot, there is no official dress code at Antree so gals can go for high fashion and furlong winning style, the more colourful dresses and flamboyant hats the better which is why its known as 'Fabulous Friday'. Looks like lots of high thigh slit sleek body hugging dresses and huge flower petal design hats are winning the day. The Iris inspired dark blue and yellow outfit was stunning. Also noticed the cute Black and white spot mini dress worn with a huge brim matching hat and a flora and fauna pink blossom print trouser suit teamed with a simple fascinator and butterfly design leather bag. . Meanwhile the guys can tone it down with suits or smart, trousers, shirt, waistcoat and tie ...or traditional equestrian style tweed jacket and (Peaky Blinders style) flat cap......or not. Ladies Day is held on a Friday, the second day of the Grand National. An exciting day, attended by the 'hoi palloi', celebrities, fashionistas and sporti