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Summer Check List. Gingham Style

Gingham is back, it did have a resurgence on the catwalks in Spring 2015 and is now on trend for 2016. This crisp, fresh looking fabric has been popular throughout the decades but more recently embraced by lovers of all things vintage. Art and craft workers favour it for up-cycling projects hand-made accessories and embellishments on aprons, bed linen, bunting, cushions, quilts, tablecloths and can be seen adorning homes, gardens, shops, festivals and summer fetes. There seems to be a difference of opinion as to where it originates but from the mid-eighteenth century it was being produced in the mills of Manchester. My ancestors had a cotton mill up North so it would be great to think they might well have manufactured Gingham there. As a Grammar School girl in Manchester our summer uniform dresses were made from Gingham. Each “House” had a different colour, normally blue, green, yellow and pink. I remember mine was Pink denoting the “House, Edgerton” I think, it was so long ago!

Super Summer Skool. Embark on a colourful adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom

Get ready for a new adventure as the legendary ‘80s game, created for the NES, is brought to present day, as Vans join forces with Nintendo. Rumour has it the new collection has just landed at Schuh. Run, jump, skip and skate this summer in a pair of Vans Old Skool or a trusty Vans Slip. You may not be going to slip and slide your way through the Mushroom Kingdom but you can light up your summer wardrobe with some of your favourite 8-bit characters like Mario, Louigi, Princess Peach and more. Little gamers can enjoy the company of the loveable Mario Brothers and their friends too as the Vans Slip Nintendo gets downsized for kids. It’s a Win, Win! View the Collection of vibrant graphic-printed Vans X Nintendo . Check out the wide range of men's, women's, kids trainers and accessories  xxxXXxxx Just love those Pale Pink Nintendo Princess Peach Trainers