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A girl needs a little more on top for special occasions. If you want to have a totally glamorous look like celebrities Jessie J, Tulisa, Kelly Rowland, Cheryl Cole, Katie Price and Coleen McLoughlin, there are some really great versatile hairpieces and hair extensions including cute clip-on pony tails, the best selling "Glam" and the mid-length "Thrill" which is a straight hairpiece blended into loose spiral curls. This year we were all entranced by X-Factor judge Kelly Rowland's ever-changing super shiny locks last year, however, it was Danni Minogue's fabulous classic bob that caused quite a stir. The bob is as popular as ever as seen on pop divas Jessie J, Katie Perry; Holly Valance looked stunning in her Chicago style black shiny bob on Strictly Come Dancing. You can even make a startling entrance with a classic party punk "Sugar" bob in candy floss pink or mauve.! The perfect boots for this style are long Gogo Boots or Doc Martens. The new